Killing My Girl 

2014 | 12 min | IMDB

Writer & Director Tasos Giapoutzis Producers Michael Carter Tasos Giapoutzis Cast Samila Kularatne Kanchan Raval Ludovic Moktary Vinod Ghei Cinematographer György László Editor Marios Kleftakis Production Designer Milica Todorovic Sound by Karol Sapiński Michael Carter Music by George Xoulogis

A young South Asian woman lives in London with her husband and in-laws. Being miles away from her own family, in an alien city, she is forced to undergo sex-selective abortion against her will. The film becomes a psychological portrait of hers, while she has to deal with personal fears, long-standing cultural norms as well as other people’s desires.

Director's Choice Award | Black Maria Film Festival
Art, Human Rights, Drama, Women, Social categories Winner | International Euro Film Festival
Best Cinematography Award | Taratsa Film Festival
Best Cinematography Award | London Greek Film Festival
Nominated for Best Student (Undergraduate) Film | Learning on Screen Awards 2015

8th THESS International Short Film Festival, Thessaloniki, Greece, 2014
11th International Short Film Festival Fenaco, Cusco, Peru, 2014
1st International Women's Short Film Festival, Chennai, India, 2014
14th International PeterKIT Film Festival, Saint Petersburg, Russia, 2014
10th NAHEMI Eat Our Shorts Film Festival, London, UK, 2014
4th Pune Short Film Festival, Pune, India, 2014
2nd Las Condes Short Film Festival, Santiago, Chile, 2014
2nd IMA International Film Festival, Kerala, India, 2014
7th Wirral International Film Festival, Wallasey, UK, 2014
2nd Kanyakumari International Film Festival, Kanyakumari, India, 2014
3rd Hermosillo International Film Festival, Hermosillo, Mexico, 2014
5th NOFI Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA, 2015
4th International Euro Film Festival, Malaga, Spain, 2014
12th London Short Film Festival, London, UK, 2015
8th British Shorts Film Festival, Berlin, Germany, 2015
34th Black Maria Film Festival Jersey City USA 2015
4th El Corto del Año Film Festival, Madrid, Spain, 2015
2nd Goa Short Film Festival, Goa, India, 2015
16th Bare Bones International Film & Music Festival, Muskogee, USA, 2015
3rd Asians On Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA, 2015
6th Festival de Cine de Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla-La Mancha, Spain, 2015
12th Ffresh Film Festival, Cardiff, Wales, 2015
17th London Asian Film Festival, London, UK, 2015
1st Root Film Festival, Athens, Greece, 2015
3rd Silk Road Film Festival, Dublin, Ireland, 2015
12th International Solidarity Film Festival, Navarcles, Spain, 2015
3rd Corto Helvetico al Femminile International Short Film Festival, Tessin, Switzerland, 2015
10th ÉCU - The European Independent Film Festival, Paris, France, 2015
1st Nevada Women's Film Festival, Las Vegas, USA, 2015
3rd BIOBIOCINE Concepción International Film Festival, Concepción, Chile, 2015
3rd Friss Hús International Short Film Festival, Budapest, Hungary, 2015
48th WorldFest-Houston International Film & Video Festival, Houston, USA, 2015
2nd Mia Film Festival, Manaus, Brazil, 2015
10th Women's International Film & Arts Festival, Miami, USA, 2015
9th Los Angeles Greek Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA, 2015
2nd Florida Movie Festival, Casselberry, USA, 2015
3rd Student Art Festival, Goldenrod, USA, 2015
14th Strawberry Shorts Film Festival, Cambridge, UK, 2015
3rd Kraljevski Film Festival, Kraljevo, Serbia, 2015
8th International Film Festival Under the Moonlight Islantilla Cinefórum, Huelva, Spain, 2015
2nd SoCal Creative & Innovative Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA, 2015
13th Solidarity Film Festival of Guadalajara, Guadalajara, Spain, 2015
2nd Imperfectu: International Film & Gender Studies Festival, Tijuana, Mexico, 2015
13th Festival of Mediterranean Short Film Tangier, Tangier, Morocco, 2015
2nd Taratsa Film Festival, Thessaloniki, Greece, 2015
9th I Will Tell International Film Festival, London, UK, 2015
4th No Gloss Film Festival, Leeds, UK, 2015
5th Indian Film Festival The Hague, The Hague, The Netherlands, 2015
1st Ciampino International Film Festival, Ciampino, Italy, 2015
5th Bengaluru International Short Film Festival, Bengaluru, India, 2015
5th Micro μ Festival, Greece, 2015
6th Awareness Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA, 2015
8th London Greek Film Festival, London, UK, 2015
4th Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival, Mallorca, Spain, 2015
4th Delhi International Film Festival, New Delhi, India, 2015